Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Thursday, February 2, 2012

So,how's your life going?

Have had a rough couple of days. Today, I take husband in for his eye exam. That's always fun. When they ask, "can you see better here, or, here?", he sits there, smiling, ever so polite and says "yes." So, they ask again, and again. What would usually take about 30 minutes for an eye exam, for him, takes close to an hour. They are aware of his condition, but I cannot answer for him as I cannot see for him. Great joy in the morning.

Took husband to his Dad's house the other day. He started in again on his "belief" that husband does not have Dementia. Told me again that he has a spinal injury, causing his legs to not work anymore. We had a heated discussion, right in front of husband. It ended well, but, I told him I would bring his medical history for him to read, and asked him why he didn't go with us last week to see Dr A for himself. Told him when the Genetic Test results come back, I will get it in writing and bring to him. So frustrating. I told him I hate to burst his bubble, but, in elementary speaking, I told him his son has the same disease that killed his mother. Said I was tired of all of this, hard enough dealing with what I have on my plate, then I have you (meaning him) trying to convince husband there is nothing wrong with him and how fair is that to husband?

He came around after that. What else could I do? So, so frustrating.

I'm just not in a good place today. Frustrated with family members who refuse to believe that husband is sick, frustrated that I haven't found a job yet, frustrated that we are moving in 5 weeks and husband cannot do anything, frustrated with my life.

I look around at this house, knowing I have to pack it up, paint, clean out garage, do the yard work and move us to the new house. On top of dealing with a husband who thinks he can do it, and ends up falling or breaking something. And, on top of that top, trying to find a job. Ugh.

So, here we go to the Eye Dr now. Be still my heart!!

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