Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A drive, Sonic and a coke!!

The dog days of summer.  I am looking forward to Fall.  Love the leaves turning, smelling chili roasting and children going back to school.  For the first time in many, many years, I will not experience a child of mine going back to school.

A whole different kind of life for me is beginning.

Went to Bible Study yesterday.  The lady that has been so negative to me has been OK.  However, when we were discussing selling husband's tools to help me out financially, she kept saying I should just do it and basically tell husband that's the way the cookie crumbles.

I stood firm with her and told her she does not know what she is talking about, because dealing with someone like husband she knows nothing about.  She actually agreed with me.  She said she was just trying to give me advice.  I appreciate her advice, but, told her unless she lives in my house, she knows nothing about it.  Proud of myself for standing up to her, but, doing it in such a way that I would not offend her.  It was OK.

I could not just sell his tools out from under him.  Trust me, if I could, I would.  It would certainly help me financially, but, to be mean like that?  No, I can't.  There will come a day when I will sell them, however, the time is not right just yet.

The Scooter Store called this morning.  They are coming on Monday or Tuesday to fit husband for his chair.  I hope they fit him for one of the lighter weight ones, because, I cannot lift one of those heavier chairs into my car.  Also, Medicare does not pay for a lift.  So, that is out of the question.

Not much else going on.  Husband continues to be in his own world, occasionally coming into the here and now, then slips back into the Land of Alzheimer's.  Has been pleasant, still sleeping a lot, against Dr's advice to not let him sleep so much.  Said that is not a good sign.  I try to keep him busy, but, he does sleep during the day.

Earlier, I took him for a little ride in the car.  He liked that.  It was just so hot.  Took him through Sonic and got him a coke.  On the way home, I looked over at him, and, there he was, holding his coke with a smile on his face.  Didn't know where he was, but, seemed to smile a lot.

So, I made him happy today.

It's all I could ask for.


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