Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Finding Me

Our monsoons have arrived.  While I love a good old fashioned thunder and lightening with rain, I don't like the aftermath.  The dreaded humidity.  It's really humid this morning.  I'll take the humidity over the terrific heat wave we had for about 2 1/2 weeks.  At least it's cooler.

Husband told me yesterday that he felt weak.  Said his legs felt very weak and unstable.  He rested mostly.  Seemed to go to the bathroom more frequently than usual.  Because I am with him 24/7, I notice things most people wouldn't.  I think it comes with the territory.  You automatically look for signs and symptoms.  This frequent urination may be nothing, or, it could be something.

Jack has been working so hard in summer school.  He finished the first phase and got an A and a B.  He is on the second phase now and told me he will complete that by next week.  So far he has two A's.  I'm so proud of the way he has worked and applied himself.

Not much else going on.  Life continues with it's ups and downs.

Caring for someone who is afflicted with Alzheimer's is one roller coaster after another.  Once you think you've got it mastered, wham, you're hit with another big hill to either drop you or something you have to climb.  It's never-ending.

My old boss invited me for lunch next Saturday.  That'll be nice.  I get to talk to someone who understands everything I say and listens.  They also have "normal" eyes.  A change for me.  I'm looking forward to next Saturday.

My life in a nutshell.  Huh.  

I am planning for when husband is gone.  I know for a fact I will leave New Mexico.  There will be nothing here for me.  I don't know how I will cope with all the kids gone and no husband, but, there is a new life waiting for me.

I just have to find it.  And me.

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  1. Glad that you are looking ahead into the future. We just visited my MIL today. She was living in an assisted living apartment and last week-end I found her unreponsive. She was admitted to the hospital then put in the nursing home part of the place that she had been in. Today she was totally glazed over and not making contact. She did talk a little. She wasouldn't wake up for a long time. She won't eat and has to be fed and can't walk. It was so sad. We know that she is facing the end and it's hard. But she is 85 not young like your husband. I think of you often and just can't imagine. ((((((HUGS))))0