Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A lovely afternoon

My DMV experience went smoothly yesterday.  Renewed my driver's license.  The new picture is awful.  I kept looking at it and it shows one tired looking person.  I mean, I look really tired.  During the evening, I kept looking at myself in the mirror thinking, do I really look like this?  Funny how a camera can capture what my life is like now.  They say the camera doesn't lie.  After looking at my new driver's license picture, it should be titled,  "Alzheimer's disease - what survivors look like."

Yeah, Alzheimer's sure takes a toll on you.

Jack got his list of things to take and not to take from the Air Force recruiter yesterday.  He also opened a checking account through the Air Force.  And a savings account.  It's a bank that is world wide.  It's only for military.  My, how he's grown.

Jack and I spent a lot of time last night talking.  I told him how much I'm going to miss him, but, how excited I am for him as well.  I asked him to please keep in touch with me.  Email me.  Call me.  He promised he would.

We are in countdown mode around here.  Jack said when he got to the recruiters, he saw his name on the departure board.  Said that made it final for him.  He also said someone else is leaving on that same flight.

I don't know how I'm going to do at the airport.  Jack said, "Please mom, don't fall apart at the airport."  I won't, I promised.

I'll fall apart at home, when husband is sleeping.

After the DMV, I did not want to come home just yet.  So, I went and visited a friend.  It felt so good to get out of the house and have real conversations.  She told me funny stories of her mother in law who had dementia.  Said she had taken her with her to the grocery store one time.  Got busy with buying groceries and was not paying attention to what her MIL was doing.  Got up to the register, looked down and saw a great big bag of dog food.  Since they didn't have a dog, she realized her MIL had switched baskets with someone.  Oh, that struck me as so funny.  I couldn't help but laugh.

A very lovely afternoon.

I tried calling home, but husband would not/could not, answer the phone.  He sometimes panics when the hone rings.  He will look at it as if it's a foreign object.  I told him where I'd been, but, it didn't register with him.

So, I have a new driver's license with a new picture, (gag), my son is leaving in less than 6 weeks and my husband is still dying.

I'm OK, I really am.


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