Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Let's Make a Deal!!

In trying to find a charger for husband's scooter chair, I realized that Medicare would pay for any repairs, thus, saving me money.

So, I called and called and called places that carry scooter chairs.  Every single one of them told me that because Medicare did not pay for his chair, they would not cover any repairs.

There's always a catch, ya know?

I ended up calling the makers of the scooter chair and found a gem of a person.  She was understanding of my situation, listened to me, asked questions and transferred me to one heck of a representative.  Once he got all of my information, he informed me that husband could get a brand new chair at, probably, no cost to me.  Said Medicare would pay for it.

He called Dr A's office, with me still on the phone, verifying husband was a patient of his, had a scheduled appointment and was sending a fax so Dr A could write a prescription for the chair.  Never knew you had to have a prescription for equipment such as that.  Boy, what I've learned!!

Late yesterday afternoon, I got a call from another person at the scooter store and she informed me that Medicare approved husband for the chair.  Then, she informed me that my cost would be $500.  What?

I told her there was no way I could afford that.  She offered payments.  I said no.  Then, she asked for my monthly income.  Once I told her, she ran numbers and said we qualified for financial assistance.

There will be no cost to me.

Being that I'm now on a roll, when they call me again, I'm going to ask Medicare to pay for a lift for my car.  That way, husband will have full use of this chair.  I won't have to worry about him falling.

Hey, like I said, I'm on a roll here.  I never take "No" for an answer.  Also, if they provide a mobile wheelchair, they can throw in a lift for me as well.

Stay tuned..................................

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  1. Good for you. You are so deserving of some help.