Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Friday, November 4, 2011

New shoes

Shopping with husband yesterday was rather pleasant. Usually, he cannot make up his mind, cannot make a decision and it gets us both frustrated.

When we walked into the shoe store, he got confused, made a few circles, so, I spoke softly to him and told him to follow me. The wide variety of shoes overwhelmed him. He began to get upset. I immediately picked up two pair, each different, led him to a stool to try on. He chose one style. He walked around and around for about 20 minutes in the new shoes. He said he liked them.

Quickly, I gathered his old shoes up, put them in the shoe box, put the other shoes on the shelf and we headed to check out. He began to get confused again, so I told him that he could wear his new shoes home. He got excited about that.

All the way home he kept glancing down at his new shoes. Repeated to me how much he liked them. He smiled alot during the ride home. Made me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

Once we got home, he said he could walk without his cane to the front door. "I've got new shoes, they will help me walk good again", he said. I told him to use his cane, please. He wouldn't. He walked to the front door without his cane. As he did, his arms were outstretched like he was walking on a tightrope. He had a big smile on his face as he walked to the door. All the while, I'm holding my breath watching him do this. All I could think of was him falling and hitting the concrete driveway. He didn't, but, it sure scared me.

When we got inside, I told him that he walked so good without his cane to the door, (OK, so I lied, stay with me folks) imagine how much better he could walk with new shoes AND his cane. His smile became even bigger and he said, "Oh yeah, I can, can't I?"

All afternoon, he walked arund the house WITH his cane in his new shoes. Couldn't wait to show Jack.

Those shoes are normally expensive, however, I got them on sale. He asked me 1,478 times how much I paid for them, that was a good deal, right?, he asked. All. Day. Long.

When I got into bed last night, he asked me, "How much did you pay for the shoes?" I told him. He said, "That was a good deal, huh?" "Yes, honey, it was", (a little weary by this point) I answered.

Today I know he will want to go show his dad his new shoes. I just know it. We will do this all over again today. I will repeat myself until I feel like I am a blithering idiot. Jeez, maybe I am already?

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