Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Letter and a lunch date

I got a letter from husbands' insurance company the other day. He has Medicare, but I got him full coverage through Humana. Together, what Medicare doesn't cover, Humana does. It's a great plan, with no cost to me. Another perk in being terminal.

In this letter, they notified me that husband had been approved for 6 visits of Physical Therapy, running through January 19th, 2012. Towards the end of this paragraph, and I will quote, they said, "Because there is no hope for recovery, we have denied the additional 6 weeks of Physical Therapy".

There it was. A Slap In Your Face kind of letter. Sorry, we don't want to pay for you for any additional length of time because you're going to die anyway.

I calmly put the letter away. Sat down on the couch and tried to absorb what they said. I live with this day in, day out, but, when you get a letter such as this, reality smacks you in the face.

Later, I told husband he was approved through January 19th. Since he has no concept of time anymore, it didn't compute. He nodded his head, said OK. I left it at that. No use in him being told the real reason.

I don't blame the insurance company. In fact, this is a good plan. I can see their point. I understand. It's just when you get a letter like that, to see it in black and white, well, it hurt my heart.

Husband goes to Physical Therapy this morning. I will have to let his Therapist know about "the letter". She will not be pleased. I will tell her to just let it go. He's going to die no matter what she does.

A friend from church invited me to lunch yesterday. It has been so long since I ate out. What a pleasant day I had. This new friend is a wonderful lady. We ate, talked and laughed. Such a simple lunch made my day. I felt myself relaxing, almost feeling like me again. I continued to feel good the rest of the day. Oh, that was nice.

So, here we are into Wednesday. On Monday, I got "The Letter". On Tuesday, I got invited out to lunch.

What will today bring?

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  1. That letter was very insensitive. I know you don't want to make waves but someone should kindly tell the person that wrote it that it wasn't received well. Sorry that you had to read that. But glad you had a nice lunch. You need to have time out for yourself.