Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reaching out

I saw an old co-worker last night when I was out. When I first started working there, we did not get along. I had heard through the "gossip center" that she was a real pain. Me being me, believed these other people and thought she was a real pain. After awhile, I figured she was not the pain, the other people were.

I found her to be so sweet and true. Am happy to report we are still friends to this day. We hugged and she asked about husband. She did not know that husband was as ill as he is. Her eyes filled with tears as I told her. We have promised to keep in touch more, maybe a dinner and a movie. Let's hope we follow through.

My life has become isolated. My days are centered around husband, seizures, memory loss, stumbling, falling and feeling alone, really alone.

After seeing my friend, it got me thinking. Why do people suddenly lose contact with others when the going gets rough? This is the time when you need family and friends most. I would love to have a family member or friend call just to say "Hi, thinking of you". It would mean so much.

One day, somehow, someway, I will help someone. Someone who is feeling the way I am feeling right now. Alone. I will show that person they are often thought of. I will sacrifice a few minutes of my day to call them, just to say "hi". Trust me, it means so much to know that someone out there was thinking of you.

For people like us, who are going through one of the most horrific diseases, getting a phone call from family or friend makes us feel loved and thought of.

People are so busy nowadays. Personally, I think some use that as an excuse to not keep in contact. All it takes is 5 minutes out of a busy day to reach out to someone who could use a little lift.

Call someone. Reach out to someone. Especially this time of year. There are so many hurting out there. Whether it be financial, health or whatever. You'd be surprised how a phone call could give a person a lift they so desperately need. I know I would appreciate a phone call. Why, I would feel so special. Everyone needs to feel special sometimes.

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  1. Dear Sunny Sue,

    I found your blog through the "SUYL Older Bloggers" day at Kelly's Korner. Since then, I believe I've read your entire blog.

    So, why am I writing tonight? Because of your post today! I wanted to reach out to you. To [hopefully] give you a lift. To [hopefully] make you feel special.

    I wonder if you hide comments? I simply cannot believe that no one has ever commented to you. And, if that is true, I sure cannot understand why.

    One of the reasons I kept reading is because of your attitude. You try so hard to see the good in your life. You keep moving forward even though you are carrying the weight of tragedy and fear on your shoulders. I was happy to read of the times you saw a counselor/therapist or a pastor. My gosh! You should not have to go through this all alone.

    So tonight, I just wanted you to know that I have been praying for you and that I now read you every day. If it would be good for you, I will comment too.

    Thank you for sharing this blog - it is a pleasure to "meet" you!