Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sick days

I got a vacation Friday & Saturday. I got sick. Really sick. Slept most of the day Friday, in fact, I lost all of Friday. Yesterday was better, but still spent in bed. Today I will venture out of the bedroom, and try to stay on the couch. I feel much better, just weak. Have to build my strength back up. I had no business getting sick. Shame on me.

Kristen said on Friday, husband got so scared that I was sick and sleeping so much, he curled into the fetal position and slept all afternoon. She said she didn't know who to be scared more for. I don't usually get sick, but sure made up for it this time.

Yesterday was better. Husband seemed more relaxed. He and Jack watched movies in the living room. His concentration seemed out of whack. Kept asking me if I was going grocery shopping. I had sent Kristen to the grocery store. She got all the groceries. I kept telling him that I could not go. He seemed mad that I couldn't go get the groceries. But, once she got home and there were special things for him, he seemed OK. He did however want muffins from Costco, and having to explain to him that Kristen was not a member, she could not use my card without me being there, well, he still does not understand why she didn't get "his muffins".

"The look" is back. I think it's been there for a few days. I know it was there on Thursday, before getting sick, and it's there this morning.

Oh, I hate when "the look" comes on. It means I repeat myself over and over. He will go around making no sense of anything today. It means I will get frustrated. He wants to visit his dad today. Jack will take him. I will get some relief from that.

On a sad note, Susie did lose the baby. It was a tubal pregnancy. It got rough for her. I felt so bad for her. I cried with her. Her heart just broke. Her first baby. What a time to lose a baby, around the holidays. Then, husband being the way he is. And people wonder why I just want to get the holidays over with?

I feel down today. It could be because I got sick. Whatever the reason, I feel down. Today I will rest more. Regaining my strength. Have to. Too many people depending on me.

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