Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Monday, February 20, 2012

Another day in the life

The packing continues. I just don't understand how one can have so much stuff and not see it on a daily basis? Even after TWO garage sales, I still have......stuff. Oy vey.

And, I have to throw this out there. Why is it, when you mention you are moving, people ask when, you tell them, thinking they will be offering up their services and they start making all kinds of excuses as to why they cannot help? I had this conversation with two people who shall remain nameless on Friday morning. All of a sudden, one was going to be out of town, the other said he could help until 11:00, but that is all. I actually found it so amusing. Here are two big strong, grown men, fumbling over their own words. Had to walk away chuckling.

Husband seemed OK yesterday. Pat took him for most of the day. Pat is having a very hard time with husband's disease. He got choked up yesterday morning. Just helping husband out the door, Pat looked at me and said, "Mom, this is awful." Yes, my son, I know.

Pat took husband to the shooting range. Husband used to go a lot. He said husband had a great time. Said he smiled and talked all day. It was good for husband to get out of the house. It was good for me to have husband gone for a day.

Later, when husband got home, he told me he had wet his pants. He looked scared, but, I just had him change his clothes and did not make a big deal about it. Easier that way. I told Pat to watch him to make sure he goes to the bathroom, because bodily functions are beginning to shut down. He did fine all day, but, once he got home, well, he couldn't hold it.

I am putting this job search on hold, for now. No one is calling anyway, but, I cannot care for husband, do a move, AND, look for a job. Too much. Plus, I am beginning to think that going back to work is not God's Will for me. I have this feeling. What would be nice is for me to obtain 2 or 3 housecleaning jobs each week. The little bit I could earn would help me make it through the month. Because we are moving back to the area where we lived before, I do know people in the area, so, maybe, just maybe?

This is where I am at today. Not a whole lot left to do now, but, sit and wait to move. So much is packed up. Kitchen needs to be done, but, that's easy. Need to do the master bedroom and closet, but, I am organized, so the closet will be cake.

Until tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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