Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Valentine

Husband slept most of the day yesterday. Then, slept good all night long. I too got a good nights sleep.

Kristen had a Dr appointment and I drove her there. I did not want to leave husband home alone, but, the appointment did not take long and we were home within 2 hours. I had stopped and got husband a coke. When I got home, I went in to the bedroom. He was sound asleep. As I bent to gently wake him up, his whole body stiffened up, then started to vibrate. I stood there with eyes wide open, watching this. Then, his body relaxed, breathing returned to normal. I had never witnessed this before. I have seen his legs tremor, but not the whole body like yesterday.

I woke him up, checked for any signs of seizure. He seemed pleased that I had brought him a coke. Seemed in good spirits.

While I was waiting for Kristen at the Dr, 4 men came in with satin vests, black slacks and red shirts. They carried one single rose and a box of chocolates. They went to the front desk, asked for someone, they were directed to the Pharmacy. They found who they were looking for, brought this lady out, (turns out it was the head Pharmacist). There, in the lobby, they sat her down and sang two songs to her, the harmonizing was so beautiful.

When they were done, everyone, including nurses, Dr's and people in the lobby applauded these guys. It was so sweet and touching. We learned it was from her husband.

After they had gone, I began thinking. (Yep, I did it again). I wondered if that had happened to me, how I would feel. It was just a touching moment.

So, I come home, on Valentines Day, to a husband who had a seizure right in front of my eyes. A husband who is dying, right in front of my eyes. But, you know what? He's still my Valentine. Will always be my Valentine.

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