Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stuff....Be Gone!!

I have been on a packing craze. Today I go through the garage. Lovely. At least I have Jack & Kristen to help me today. I want to get everything done. Being that this move is basically up to me, I want it to be as smooth as can be.

Husband can do,,,, nothing. He is still fighting me on this garage sale. Will not get rid of anything. It is driving me nuts. I've explained many times, that, we will have NO garage, only storage, so, we need to downsize. He will not budge. Makes me want to drive a nail through my head. This is so frustrating, knowing what we CAN get rid of, how to solve the space issues, and, having him sit there and say he will not part with anything.

So, we are having our garage sale today, tomorrow and Monday (Holiday), and if someone offers to buy something, it just may get sold. I'll deal with the consequences later. End of discussion.

I read last week on the Internet that dementia patients develop a tendency to be selfish, self-centered, with the "Me, Me, Me" attitude. That is so true. Husband has turned into a spoiled, selfish little brat. It's not him, it's the disease, but, it can be so frustrating for me.

I can no longer reach him. He is too far gone. I can't have an intelligent conversation with him. I can't reason with him. This is why I just get so sick of everything, that I take matters into my own hands and make decisions.

I sometimes feel as if I'm being mean to him by doing this, but, someone has to make a decision, so, it falls on my shoulders. This is no walk in the park. I hate having to make decisions without discussing with him. But, I have no other choice.

Speaking of Dementia, husband slept ALL DAY LONG yesterday. Now, there is a blessing in this. I got rid of a lot of stuff. He'll never know it's gone because he can't remember he even had it in the first place!! A Blessing and a Curse.

So, let the garage sale begin!! Let the stuff be gone!! Give me space!!

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