Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Thursday, February 16, 2012

That day, long ago

It was 18 years ago today that my Mother in law lost her fight to this monster that now resides in my house.

I remember the day so well. I was at work, blissfully relishing in my pregnancy with my Jack. I was 3 months along. It was also my boss's birthday. I got the call from the in law's neighbor. He could not reach husband. I then had to call husband and tell him his mother had just passed away.

Sad, all so very sad. I remember husband's grandmother coming to the house. My mother in law passed at home and by the time I got there, her body was still in the bedroom. As husband's grandmother came in, she wanted to see her daughter. As she went in, she screamed and sobbed. Her other daughter helped her back into the living room.

When she learned that I was pregnant, her eyes lit up. She said to everyone there that she would pray daily that "the curse" would not affect this unborn child. This woman had lost her husband, 2 sons, and, now, her daughter to this monster.

As I look back to that long ago day, I am so sad. Sad for all that was lost on that day, sad that my Jack never got to see his grandmother, sad that this special lady had to lose her life in such a horrific way.

And now? Now, we get to re-live it all over again with husband. Today, I will not remind husband of this day, 18 years ago. Nothing needs to be said. Leave it alone. It's too raw to remind husband of his mother's passing anniversary, when this monster, or, "the curse" has been visited upon husband.

No, I will say nothing. My prayer for today will be to his mother. In it, I will request that she watch over her son as he suffers now. He's had a rough few days. It's only getting worse.

**Footnote: For those of you asking, we are now currently awaiting results of the genetic testing on husband. Jack will decide if he wants to be tested to see if he too is going to be afflicted with this disease. At this time, Jack has requested he NOT find out.


  1. I don't blame Jack. If there was nothing that could be done about it, I wouldn't want to know either. Maybe someday there will be something and then he can find out. So sad that it has happened to so many in your husband's family.

  2. Prayers continue for you and your dear husband. For strength for you each day.