Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Garage Sale - Check

Garage Sale went well. Got rid of the stuff I did not want anymore. Done. As far as tools, I took a good look at what husband has, and, it's workable in our new place. Will be crowded for sure, but, he doesn't use them anymore anyway, so, will keep them in storage until the time comes for me to sell them. Not now. Not yet.

Am going to take the rest of what wasn't sold to Good Will today. Got so much done yesterday. Feels good.

Pat & Christine stopped by. They were saddened to see husband in this new stage of his decline. We've talked on the phone a lot, but to actually see him, was, well, eye opening. I can talk about his decline all I want, but, to actually see it is another thing. They were going to Costco and invited me along. Now, I don't get out much without husband. I decided to go. Just to walk in the store, any store, and not have to look behind me or in front of me for husband, watching for any sudden falls, was nice. Going down isles with people who can walk and think for themselves was refreshing. My life is so different now, filled with sudden falls, seizures and total memory lapse, that to go to Costco without husband was a welcome change.

Husband had a rough night. His sleep is constantly being interrupted by choking and seizing. That means my sleep is constantly being interrupted as well. I had maybe 3 hours of sleep. Where most people welcome crawling into bed, I actually dread the nights. They're the roughest. The strangest part is, he does not remember any of it. Which, I say, is good. Imagine choking and seizing and knowing about it? It's enough I know about it.

He was talking to "someone" last night. When this happens, I like to think it's his mom. She knows what he is going through. I like to imagine she is helping him along. May sound crazy, but, when you are in this situation, your imagination does seem to run wild at times.

Today I will finish up some more packing. Would like to relax this afternoon. My back could use it. Husband has woken up, seems to be somewhere else. Not with it. I just looked at his legs. They have shrunk. Thought I'd share that with someone.

Two of my favorite shows starts tonight. Looking forward to that. It's not much to some, but for me, in my life right now, you tend to look forward to even those little things. Ah, my life. So far.

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