Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hey, you gotta laugh

So much for the Garage Sale II. I got home from my lunch date and husband wanted to show me what he had done in the garage. Kristen had helped him he said. Went in the garage and it was so neat and clean. I asked him where the stuff was for the Garage Sale. He replied, "What stuff? What Garage Sale?" "I packed up the garage like you said to do." ((((Big sigh here))))

Mi vida loca. (translated: my crazy life)

I once again explained to husband that we are moving into a much smaller home, no garage, only storage and he cannot take all this stuff with him. He seemed agitated when I was talking to him. Why do I try to explain, you ask? He doesn't understand it anyway. So, instead of going on, I started laughing. Once he saw that I was laughing, he started laughing as well. Guess, if you can't beat em', join em'. I give up. Instead, I told him the garage looked great and left it at that.

Good thing I didn't advertise in advance. Can you imagine people showing up and husband saying to them, "What garage sale?" I repeat: Mi Vida Loca.

The tools have to go. He does not use them. So, I will shoot for next weekend. Only this time, I will do it myself.

Went to our Group Meeting last night. We talked about our will and God's will. So many questions about this. So few answers. Does God want me to go back to work? And if so, why hasn't IT happened? I come highly qualified. Is it not in His will for me to work anymore? Lord knows, we need the extra income. So, I struggle with this. What made me feel better was hearing from other people about this same struggle. All of us are asking what God's will is for us, be it job, business, facing foreclosures, marriage, relationship with others, children, you name it, I heard it. So, whatever our personal struggle is, we still rely on God and His will. And, we still question His will in our lives.

My old boss gave me a letter of recommendation. She spoke so highly of me. I read it and had tears. It touched my heart. She is such a neat person. We talked about how we miss each other, the talks we used to have in her office. She says I am sorely missed around the office, clients ask about me and even the person who replaced me asks about me. I told her I wished I could go back, but, knowing I can't. Her dad owns his own business too, and said she would let her dad know I was looking for a job. He too knows a lot of people. I will continue to search for a job until God Himself speaks to me loud and clear that I am not to go back to work. My old boss said it well. She said, "There will be someone out there who will look at your Resume, meet you and hire you, just like I did." She's right. There is someone out there. Just haven't submitted my Resume to them yet. It will happen.

Letter of Recommendation from old boss - check
Garage Sale - What Garage Sale?

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