Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The New House

Not a whole lot to post today. Quiet around here the past few days. Waiting for 8 am to arrive so I can call Dr A. Anxious to talk with him.

Husband slept a lot yesterday. I kept checking on him, a few seizures here and there, nothing big. Either that, or, I am just getting used to seeing the seizures. He seemed in good spirits when awake.

When Jack got home from school, he spent some time with his dad. I could hear them talking and laughing. Was good to hear.

Anticipating the move a week from Saturday. So much still to be done here, but, I have a handle on it, just a lot of work. Want it done and over with. Excited to get into the new place though. I love the area where we are moving, know a lot of people over there. It's a quiet, gated community where everyone walks their dogs, knows each other and greets you when at the locked mail boxes or the pool.

The new house is smaller than this one. That's fine with me. There is only a very small back yard, easy to manage. The HOA takes care of all the front yards, has sprinkler system for the front, they mow your grass, weed, do it all. You are responsible for your back yard. No more weeding, raking or mowing. My kind of place. Yeah. Am looking forward to being back in the old neighborhood and a new house. Also looking forward to saving money.

Did my budget the other day. By moving into the new place, we will save money, not a whole lot, but every little bit helps. Being that I have not found a job, and don't know if I will, by moving and saving money, getting a job will be less stress for me. And, I'm all about less stress!!

Also, I just want a fresh start. There are no memories in the new place. This house has too many memories. Looking out my sliding door, I see the Patio husband built a few years back. When he was well. I see the flower garden with the wooden arbor he built. I see the pond he installed. Too much for me at times.

So, onward and forward. A new beginning for us. Jack will not live in the new house for long. He will leave for the Air Force in the Fall. Kristen will be getting her own place. It will be husband and I. The two of us. He will not be able to do anything in the new house. He will exist only in the new house. It will be different, yes, but, no memories to ponder about in my waking hours.

One and a half weeks to go. And we're off!!

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