Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let the moving begin!

Took the day off yesterday and rested all day long. Boy, I needed that. Have done too much and my body was telling me to knock it off. Feel better this morning. Going to get keys to the new place this morning, and start moving in. Kristen has a friend who has a truck and he volunteered to move all the boxes over today. What a sweetie. Friday, Pat & Tyler will move the big fish tank, get that done so Saturday should go rather smooth. Crossing my fingers and praying for a smooth move.

Husband has continued to decline. I told him I was getting the keys today. As soon as I told him, I knew it wasn't sinking in; "the look" is constant now. Several times after telling him, he asked when we were getting the keys. Really had to hold my tongue. There are times I want to scream about repeating myself, knowing I can't makes it all the more frustrating. He can't help it. That's what makes it so hard on me. He doesn't remember asking me 1 hour before. All he knows anymore is the minute he's in it. Everything else is gone, wiped away like on a chalk board. No memory to speak of is left. Gone, finished, done.

Thank you Debby, for your sweet comment about home help. The more I thought about it, the more appealing it is to me. I can go grocery shopping, run errands, you name it. So, as soon as I get settled, I am going to request a nurse to come in during the day, to monitor, care for, and take notice of the seizure activity during the day. I'm not a nurse, and having a professional in the house will help me get answers to my questions. I believe Medicare will pay for it. Hope so as I have no extra money to pay for home care. It's funny how I fight these decisions, then all of a sudden it makes so much sense.

Husband got quite angry with me last night. He wants me to give him $100 on the 3rd so he can carry money around in his wallet. When I told him I could not do that, but, offered $20 he told me I was spending all HIS money. Well, I had to agree with him on that point. I do spend ALL the money. On rent, food, utilities, insurance, gas, you name it, I spend it. Of course, he has no concept of money anymore, so, you have to talk to him like he is a child, explaining. Does no good though. Once he gets this way, all you can do is ignore him and eventually he falls asleep.

During my research on this deadly disease, before diagnosis, I read somewhere that they do become obsessed with money. Guess we're at that stage now. Fun. What's next?

Husband had a rough night. "Visitors" were back. A lot of seizure activity, but somehow I managed to fall asleep anyway. One of these nights, when the "visitors" come, I am going to turn over and look to see who these "visitors" are. Man, if I see a mist or an image of someone, I may just freak out. Curious to see if they are real or it's just an hallucination on husband's part. They are real to him, so who knows?

OK, so, here we go, the start of the big move. Have it pretty well organized, just want it to go smoothly. In the meantime, I will try to keep husband calm, hoping he will behave today. Like moving with an unruly 2 yr old.

In the realm of things now, with Phase I being symptoms of Dementia, and Phase 7 being the end, with all that he has done lately, I'd say we are moving into Phase 6. How I know all these statistics surprises even me. But, when you live with it you just seem to know. I can have conversations with the top Neurologist here in the city, using terminology I never thought possible, with the Dr understanding me and vice versa.

Did I miss my calling?

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  1. So glad you will see about home health care. It helped so much with my Dad (Alzheimers). She could get him showered, shaved and dressed. My Mom hated doing that. She had no patience, trust me. Sometimes I felt so bad for him. I know she yelled at him alot. But my mom is kinda a mean person anyway.
    My Dad was always loosing his wallets. He loved getting a new one.......we would by cheap ones. I remember giving him a new one with 7 one dollar bills in it. He was so excited. Mabe give him lots of ones........ Is he able to read the newspapers or anything. My Dad loved going through the mail. He would look at it over and over. But if your husband can understand about the bills, it may not be a good idea. My Dad kept saying he had to get a job. He was going to ask the guy at the Chinese restaurant for one. My Dad was a manager of an electric company.
    Can't believe that he is at a 6, so scary for you.
    I think you are doing amazing. You may not think it but you are strong. Having a sick husband that is so young would have to wear you out. I admire all that you are doing.