Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Monday, April 16, 2012


What a lovely day we had yesterday. Went to church. The message was about your personal relationship with God. Pastor Todd is doing a 5 week series on this. I left feeling determined to have a better relationship with Christ.

Because it was so cold, we went to father in laws's house to get some wood for our fireplace. When we got there after church, he had it ready for us. I had the best time visiting with him. Since the Genetic Test results, we have grown closer. It's like we have a new found understanding of one another. We laughed, him and I.

I told him about The Box and what I found. The picture. He was interested. I told him how much husband looks like him. Husband did not know I discovered this picture, so, he seemed surprised about the picture. When I told father in law how I found it, tucked away, neatly for so many years, his face lit up. He said, "That was her. If she cherished something so dear to her heart, she would carefully wrap it up and tuck it away."

His name was Isidoro.

Husband is doing OK. Not a lot of memory issues to speak of. He slept good. No seizures.

We have days when there are not a lot of memory issues. One can fool oneself into thinking he's almost normal. But, when you look at his eyes, you know something is wrong. I've said it before. I do not like looking at his eyes. They have changed. I call it, "The Look." They look rounder, one eye looks different. Hard to explain. They eyes are glassy looking, with a constant blank stare about them. You can see what this monster has done to his brain when you look into his eyes. It's a haunting look.

It was a pleasant weekend. A quiet weekend. A rather nice weekend. I laughed this weekend. I forgot, for a moment, while visiting father in law, what we are facing. It almost seemed normal. Well, as normal as you can get when you live in my house. But, I'll take it!

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