Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Perks of Alzheimer's

I made a delicious dinner last night.  It was very warm here, and cooking was the last thing I wanted to do.  I had leftover chicken, so I made a salad, cut up the chicken and put it on the salad.  Husband pouted on the bed because he did not want a salad for dinner.  Wouldn't talk to me, sat, staring at the TV.  Had his arms crossed over his chest.  Mumbled a lot.  Gave me a dirty look at I handed him his dinner.   After he ate his diner, he said it was so good, he'd like that more often.  What?

This is the way it is around here now.  It's not just the food I cook.  It's everything.  If I go out to sweep the patio, he says I'm not doing it right.  When I bathe Snowball, he will "supervise" on how I do it.   When I go out to water the flowers and grass, he will stand at the front door, making sure I "do it right".  I cleaned out the car on Friday.  He checked it over once I was done and declared the car clean.

When I talk on the phone, he will hear me and come out into the living room or kitchen.  He will pretend he is looking for something in the fridge, or, stand at the sliding glass door, looking out, act like he is looking for the dogs, check the fish tank out, check the filters, look at the fish, check out his scooter chair in the dining room, check the light bulbs in the lamps, look into the fireplace, or, sit in his chair and pretend to watch what is on my TV.  All the while, listening to me on the phone.

You know what?


These are some of the traits he has developed since this monster has invaded his brain.  Sometimes, I can laugh at it, other times, I go crazy.  He does not realize he is doing these things, because he can't remember.  I used to call him on the carpet about it, but, he would look at me as if I was nuts.  I don't say anything anymore,  I actually try to be amused by it.

Alzheimer's/Dementia patients are really funny people.  They take on a whole new personality.  At least, husband has.  Yes, it can be maddening at times, but, I'm trying to get a laugh out of me, so, I look at it on the flip side.

As much as I hate this monster, I do, (or try to) see the funny side of it as well.  This is not the man I married so many years ago.  That man is gone.  But, in his place, I have this funny, quirky man, who may be dying, yes, but, will give me a laugh without knowing what he is doing.

Hey, we all need a good laugh daily.  And, husband delivers that to me on a daily basis.  I just have to keep laughing.

It's better than the other option I have available to me.


  1. My Dad was adorable to me most of the time when he had Alzheimers.......but it drove my mother crazy. Someties he would laugh with me after he said something funny. I know he didn't understand why I was laughing but it made him feel loved.

  2. My dear friend's mother in law has alzhheimers and is in a lovely care facility. She is a lovely woman and one can have nice conversations with her but she can't remember anything. Last week she said to my friend "Am I in a hospital? Because, if I am, I just want to let you know NO DOCTOR has visited me!!" Yes, one just has to find the funny things when you can. Thinking of you and remembering daily to give thanks for each breath we take.