Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Irritation.  That's me right now.  I became irritated with husband starting Friday night.  It lasted all day yesterday.  Everything he did irritated me.  He would stand in the living room as I was trying to vacuum.  Ask me questions I couldn't hear over the vacuum.  Watch me as I dust mopped.  Just, everything.

Today I will try not to be irritated.  I don't like being this way.

I went grocery shopping yesterday.   Husband wanted to go too.  Lovely.  I told him he would have to use the wheelchair in the store.  He did.  He also kept up with me.  That was OK.

Husband heard on the news that blueberries were loaded with antioxidents, (he couldn't pronounce  the word, I had to pronounce it for him).  Told me they were very good for you.  I already knew that, but, played along with him.  When we were at the store, he wanted me to buy some.  They are not cheap and I couldn't afford them.  I found blueberry pancake mix so he got his blueberries.  The pancake mix may not be good for you, but, hey,  when you're on a budget, you're on a budget.  He's looking forward to his blueberry pancakes this morning.

Stopped off at  father in law's house.  Just to say hello.  Lupe acted like we were intruding.  If you don't know already, Lupe is father in law's wife.  I don't care for her, but am always polite, keeping her in our conversations.  Father in law was happy to have us stop by.   He was in his backyard, so, we went out to visit for a few minutes.  Lupe stayed in the house.  She makes me feel uncomfortable every time I go over there.  That irritated me.  Father in law thanked me for stopping by.

Today is church.  I don't want to be irritated in church.  I will pray that this irritation will cease.  I call my mother every Sunday.  I pray she will not irritate me.

A new week will begin.  I will try to find something good in this new week.

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