Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Monday, May 21, 2012

"False Hope"

The message at church yesterday was about listening to what God wants you to do.  I've heard that before, but, it sunk in, finally.

I thought about it all day Sunday.  Last night, even.

I am searching my heart and soul to learn how to do that.

When do we know when it's right?

In my Bible Study group, we have just talked about "false hope".  Having been through a "false hope", recently, I can surely relate.

As you all know, I put off looking for a job.  Gave it up, in fact.  I believed God was telling me my job is to be at home with husband.

So, last month, I got a call from a Mortgage Co, telling me they were interested in me.  I did not want to go in for an interview.  Hesitated.  Finally, I agreed to see them the following Friday.

Thursday night, I caught that nasty virus that had been going around.  By Friday morning, I had fever.  I cancelled my interview.  Asked God that if it was meant to be, then they would insist I come in when I was well.

They did.  I scheduled for the following Monday.  By this time, I was hopeful, praying and thanking God for my "answered prayer".

I sailed through the interview.  Felt comfortable and was so excited and happy at the thought of working there.

Arranged with Kristen to work only nights so she could be home with husband.  Father in law said he would come twice per week to take husband.

I have never heard from this company since.

Listening to what God wants or, was it all "false hope?"  Or both?

It's hard, doing what God wants us to do, to glorify Him.  How do we "know" when it's right?  I have yet to learn that one.

Now, I'm confused.  When I make a decision in regards to husband, when will I know it's the right one?  Take for instance, placing husband in a nursing home.  Is it right, or, is it wrong?

Food for thought.  Hope I didn't confuse anyone.  But, boy I sure am confused!!


  1. That's so rude not to contact you again. Sometimes they take forever and you have to call them back.....but......maybe this is a sign. I think you need to wait. You have your hands full right now. Later if you have to place your hubby somewhere, maybe then. Listen to your heart and to the signs from God.

  2. Several years ago my husband interviewed for a job only to receive a "no thank you" postcard a couple weeks later, which was a real disappointment. Then something like a week or two later, he got a call from that company with a job offer. "What?!", we thought. They said the postcard was an error and hadn't known about it. (Weird.) My husband took the job & works there to this day. All that to say, trust God with the timing as He knows what you need to do. All you can do is wait & pray for doors to open or close anyway,(unless God tells you to take action of course.) If you ask God for wisdom in this & in making choices for your husband, He will give it. (James 1:5 :) Ask God to make the best choices obvious for you and give you a peace about them. I believe He will! (God is not the author of confusion, but of peace...1 Corinth. 14:33.)