Husband's last camping trip

Husband's last camping trip

Monday, May 14, 2012

Recap of Mother's Day 2012

Actually, Mother's Day 2012 was very nice for me.  I shall cherish the memories!

We went to church, of course.  Pastor had all the mother's stand and there was a thunderous applause for all of us.  As we sat down, I noticed a young couple.  The man was holding a very new baby.  You could tell it was their first and a little girl.  She was covered in pink.

I would glance at them throughout the service, how proud they looked with that baby girl.  I noticed often, the father would look down at his child and the look of pride on his face was priceless!  At then end of the service, I noticed this young mother yawn.  I chuckled to myself and thought, "Oh, honey you're going to be doing a lot of that for a very long time."

Memories of my own experience with a few (OK, 7) babies took me back.  I remember so well that feeling.  Didn't matter if it was the first baby to the last, the feeling I had is something you just cannot explain.  That warm feeling followed me the rest of the day.  Thank you, God, for letting me experience that again.

I bought some beautiful roses and off to the cemetery we went.  For my mother in law.  She deserved to be remembered as well.  As I stood there, I silently "talked" with her.  I felt a presence, as if she were right there.  I told her, in my mind, that her child has the same disease that took her life.  I believe she knows already.  It was a feeling I got, deep within my soul.  She does know.  I asked her to watch out for him, please.

The rest of the day was spent quietly at home.  Kristen cooked dinner and made a cake.  Pat & Christine stopped by with a gift for me.  It was supplies I needed for my stained glass painting projects.  How thoughtful of them.   Calls throughout the day from each child of mine.

Nice day.

I have completed only 1 stained glass project so far.  Jack is making frames for them today.  We have a lot of scrap wood we were using for the fireplace and they will make beautiful frames.  We tried one out yesterday.  Really looks great.  All I have to do is lightly sand and put a very light stain on the wood.  I am excited how well this is going.  Can't wait for the Arts & Craft Sale.  Just need to get the rest done.

If I had to grade Mother's Day 2012, I'd say it was an A+.

Thank you God, for a lovely day.  Funny how He knows just what you need at the right time, right place.

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